OK, it would be great to have the nice guys at McLaren phone me up and ask me to shoot the McLaren 650S Spider but on this occasion it was a chance encounter in a central London street on a rainy day and quite frankly about three minutes of my time.

In the bag my in the ‘in bag camera’ was the Nikon D610 with the 50mm ƒ/1.4. In truth the ƒ/1.8 would have done a better job, it really does focus much faster.

The McLaren announced its arrival with a gorgeous exhaust tone and an immediate crowd in spite of the inclement conditions. Mr Shmee150.com stepped out, put some shades on, posed for his awaiting photographer, picked up his passenger with her luggage and departed: bish-bosh.

Oh, I forgot to mention to the luggage compartment, in the scheme of things it’s HUGE!

So folks, two messages:

  1. Always carry your camera
  2. Develop an astute business mind at an early age enabling you to drive the car of your dreams

PS: The nice guys at McLaren retweeted one of these shots earlier and my Twitter has been Twittering all day, thanks chaps.