These products were photographed both on location and in our product photography studio in central Exeter in Devon.

Initially the three items were shot on our cast acrylic base to create pretty much out of the camera white background images. The products had been delivered to the studio and as with much of our product work at the moment the client was sent rushes via WeTransfer as the session proceeded enabling genuine Covid-safe collaboration. They could have been photographed to avoid the base shadow but the client liked them like this.

A couple of days later came the location shoot in Devon. One location offered a wealth of opportunities, and working with assistance we were able to glean a great library of shots that will initially populate the website. As ever this work is shot tethered to a Mac meaning that the images were immediately available for preview at a safe distance. These images are as they appeared in the camera and on the screen.

For the most part the lighting was really simple with a studio strobe firing though a sheet of Translum, it gives a good controllable daylight feel. The pool shots were limited to speedlights to keep things safe! As ever the simple looking studio shots used four studio strobes, a large cast acrylic table and lots of Translum to create soft and even highlights.

Covid Safety – Product Photography

These images show that a great amount of ground can be covered effectively and safely given suitable thought and planning. With the location work the client was available for feedback as and when needed but for the most part we were left to work alone. With the studio work we are regularly communicating the progress of shoots as they happen with WeTransfer, generally we pre-arrange a time when the clients will be available to preview the images.

Goods can either be mailed or delivered to the studio, ideally we allow a quarantine period around the shoot.

Thanks for sending these through and all the hard work to produce them, they look great.

I’m working on the site over the next week or so, look forward to getting these in place and showing you ASAP.



Website goes live!

It’s only really worth it when the images are out there and working so it was great to see the Clean Republic website up today!