Devon Holiday Home Photography

There’s an old adage in advertising, sell the sizzle not the sausage and I stick with it.

Holidays are about fun and relaxation. Well they are for most people, I walk around taking photos, then the photos appear in a lovely magazine that I shoehorn into my next shoot, but that’s me!

The Saturday morning weather initially looked great then it clouded before lifting again. The first shot in the slideshow below is the building without lighting after a brief shower, that fabulous view but a bit of work needed to lift and balance the light.

In order to make the images work we needed to fight the growing sun with some of our own light, this meant powerful lights inside with dig diffusers and more strobes hidden in the courtyard to avoid shadows when the people were outside.

I essence we brought breakfast with us and did the photographing our food thing. We didn’t want it overly formal, it’s not that kind of place, this is a relaxed holiday property in Topsham with the best views in town.