OK, less of the despair and existential angst, I’ve been photographing product in the Exeter photography studio and it feels good!

I’ve previously commented that studio work is quite isolating by its very nature and my studio is pretty isolated. So it felt good to return to the space in Exeter where I photograph people and products.

This has been a difficult time for many, the day before this shoot I spoke with Claire who has the contract to clean this part of the studio building, her client group includes elderly people, offices and some hospitality businesses; you do the maths. We were discussing the way things had been and the particular needs moving forward.

The procedure for this shoot was that the client sent me the product, and emailed some shoot-notes. I was able to send ‘rushes’ via WeTransfer that were signed off as we worked through the product list, and I thank Morbern for this moving forward moment!

And yes I hope to talk with you all again!