This was a fun photography session, as ever with Chilcotts of Honiton though.

The recce had initially led to a plan to do the photography in the front showroom of Chilcott’s Honiton premises, err, but they sold most of what was in the room.

No pressure then? In the end we opted to shoot in another part of the building and basically create a mini-set that would contain suitable props.

The idea with the single people shots is that the image can be cropped down to work in a number of ways. There were around a dozen individual shots and a number of group shots.
For me though the group shot as ever is taken as an alternative to the ‘penalty defence shot!’ (people stood in a line – hands down below).

Aiming for a relaxed feel the dozen or so team members were photographed individually with a few group-shots to follow. I understand the team were plied with nibbles and Buck’s Fizz!

Headshot Photography – BTS

Courtenay took some BTS shots that can be seen here over on Instagram.

For the technically interested lighting was basically large octa as key, somewhat hampered by the pesky column and fill was a powerful strobe pushing through my trusty unbleached muslin sheet. This enabled the scene to get a good spread of soft light without awkward hotspots.