So, if I say the photograph at the top is just a lighting setup test-shot of Dan Hall for the morning shoot at Offices at No1 (Barnfield Crescent, Southernhay), I think you’ll understand why I thought this photography session would go well.

I’d previously photographed the rooms in the location for the website and it is fantastic to see ‘Number 1’ growing into a thriving hub.

Working with Cameron Hodder of Dirty Martini in Exeter the brief was to capture images of Dan for his new website as well as other social media needs, we were looking to achieve a wide range of shots, activities and expressions, whilst being mindful of the need for white-space on the proposed page-layouts.

Dan Hall is clearly a fit man, he also exudes energy and happiness, add a touch of Cameron and the smiles just kept coming throughout the session.

A good sized office space was to be used for the shoot, although I soon shrunk the space with a 220cm light source. We were aiming for a bright white background look so the room was turned into a white studio with a large vinyl backdrop. The large Westcott umbrella allowed a good soft spread of light offering scope for movement for Dan but this was reinforced with a beauty-dish to add a bit of ‘bite’ to the light. It was actually a really simple three-light setup and these shots are no-retouch files – Lightroom and nothing else.

We shot tethered with the Nikon D850 firing straight into the Mac, the space was suitable and working as a team we could monitor the progress as the session developed; I’m comfortable with this way of working.

I think it’s fair to say we all really enjoyed the session. I will post links to Dan Hall’s new website when it is live, for now you’ll find hime here.

Can I ‘fess up? I was really wiped out after this work-out!

Update – Site Now Live

Great news, the site is now live and I love it, well done everybody!