Every picture tells a story; that’s what they say isn’t it? Oh, and don’t work with children or animals.

I was a bit slow on the uptake when Sue Cade called, I’d forgotten that not so long ago I had photographed a children’s party in London for a family member so I was able to show how I would approach this brief.

Tickety Boo is a new town centre café serving home cooked food, with children’s play kingdom for creative play. Based in Ottery St Mary Devon it really is a fantastic facility, as a parent of three I feel qualified to comment.

The company were looking for a range of images to populate their new website, the images needed to express the quality of the provision so these images result form a day’s visit to the soft launch. The images include:

  • Team group photos

  • Food photography

  • Documentary style photos

  • Narrow depth of field photography

  • Photography for websites

  • Photography for social media in Devon

Ultimately I provided the client with a large selection of images that they will be able to draw on for a good period of time, many of the images are what I think of as ‘noisy’ images. What I mean by this is that when I look at the image I can (in my head at least) hear the scene too, I hope that makes sense. These aren’t set up shots, not even the coffee drinking moment, they are just a record of what happened and, I imagine, what is probably happening again at the moment.