This was a great challenge to start the day. Sam called to ask about commissioning a set of images to help market his crossfit coaching in Exeter, Devon.

There were two aspects to the session, one with me capturing Sam alone followed by a live group working through a session. The approach for the main session was to capture it as it happened, documentary photography if you like with no setup shots; I was able to ask that the main exercises took place where I liked the light though!

This was always going to be a challenge! The nature of the training is that it is short bursts of changing routines. The environment would make a fabulous photography studio, a fair size, dark walls and floors, but a photography studio would be full of controllable lighting.

We were able to work with the bright morning sun and an open roller shutter door which was useful, one of the large Bowens strobes offered a bit of backlight illumination. By keeping away from the doorway the light was pleasingly soft and manageable.

As an added bonus the studio even has a defib!