This is a shot for a corporate client, part of an ongoing record of training sessions.

At the last event (earlier this week) someone commented that they always forget that I am there, which of course is just what I am aiming for. And, at 6’2″ I feel a certain sense of achievement.

Anyway, no pose, no flash, no intrusion; my kind of photography.

In order to undertake this work quality equipment helps, good lenses that work well wide open for a start. Flash will kill the moment and really bug everyone so a well lit room helps. Quiet shoes are useful too, I love my leather soled collection but this isn’t the moment for clip-clop footwear.

It’s not the kind of thing that I can just put up for all to see but feel free to call if you would like to discuss this kind of commission.

Andrew delivers the most amazing images with a photo shoot to die for…