Construction and engineering photography is nothing new here but the vehicles are not often the subject of the photography per se, the engineering generally is. In this instance Kubota needed images of a range of their well regarded excavators but wanted them photographing in real-life situations, they already had a good stock of studio images.

Photographed over a couple of days at three locations in Devon we were presented with three sets of challenges and opportunities. The Devon weather had been playing foul and there was a lot of water both above and below to start with, the Jimmy Choos stayed at home. In the first location a tele handler with a cherry picker added new opportunities for higher angled shots and I rarely miss an opportunity to get the Petzl out.

Location two was late afternoon and the weather improved. This digger was “working on the drainage in the low field Ted” and there was a lot of water under-foot. Whilst the light was good and low we decided to give it a bit of a fight with the Bowens 1500w strobes, in the middle of the water-logged field. I was looking for a different look to these images that only a big chunk of strobe could give.

Location three was in the South Hams, a residential development and once the sun had lifted offered some great vistas and light. All three sites presented different backdrops and the client received a large number of quality images of vehicles in their working environments.

Gallery of Construction Machinery Photographs