Construction PR Photography in Devon

“What did you do today?” I was asked over dinner.

“I photographed a concrete mixer.” I replied; my reply was met with a raised eyebrow emoji face.

I’m no stranger to donning the hi-vis and full PPE for a job but this was slightly different, I’d been contracted by an agency in Surrey to photograph a concrete mixer. The story was that unlike the traditional machines this truck did the mixing at the point of delivery, the truck has separate chambers for the aggregates, the cement and the water meaning that it only needs to mix as much as the client needs, ideal for a range of sites particularly smaller residential sites.

Sometimes luck falls well. The weather was initially indifferent but the rain gave in to good light. The quarry was a well-ordered space with enough branded vehicles to make for good PR shots. Finally, the delivery point for the truck was a Devon site nearing completion meaning that there was a freshly laid road, nice and neat.