This kind of work is of course interesting, every aspect of it. In part it’s why I love getting commissioned to do it.

Trying to explain to the dog-walkers the immensity of the project and why their dog walk remains closed is a challenge. Trying to photograph with safety helmets, safety glasses and gloves also challenges every slightly claustrophobic part of me. The delight of trying to keep the front element of the 14-24 f/2.8 Nikkor out of the lovely red muddy stuff is a challenge as is keeping the Manfrotto free and easy after yet another salt-water dousing. Mind you the BBC cameraman was heard to mutter £13k! after the exposed end of his tackle made contact with something less than fluffy.

Bottom line? Hats off to the people involved, but not until you have crossed the site safety line.

Bingo indeed.

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