This is a slideshow output from Lightroom of a recent Location shoot of a BMW S100RR in Ocean BMW Torbay.

The story was I was going to ride the demonstrator to a location and shoot it but the weather was well and truly awful. Sat in the showroom I noticed the girders and Dave mentioned that he thought they would work too.

My general shooting approach is set the camera up and take a general image to see if the angle is correct, then build the lights. I invariably work with a wireless remote and the Mac tethered.

So what you see here is each test shot that I made leading to the final image. Most of the frames are totally unretouched JPEGs from Lightroom, and yes I do shoot to RAW. The final frame is from the RAW file with a bit of a retouch chiefly to tidy up the wall.

Lighting was five Bowens Geminis with barn-doors or grids, orange gels were applied to the rear lights. There was a final hand-held SB910 with a gel held over it to lift the underside of the rear

The background lit fairly easily, as with the rear of the bike. Unfortunately I hadn’t very many grids in the car leading to a bit of juggling to light the front and the graphics. You can see me hand holding the speedlight on some shots testing the angle before replacing it with a strobe.

Unusual for me not to use a single softbox.

Camera: Nikon D850
Lens: Nikon 24-70 ƒ/2.8 (@62mm ƒ/7.1)
Lights: Bowens Gemini 1500/1000/500(2)/400 + SB910

Bike: BMW S1000RR Courtesy of Ocean (thanks Dave)