Having previously photographed residential property for Vaughn Allington it was a pleasure to be invited to photograph a recent project of his developed for Halse of Honiton.

Halse of Honiton basically deal with big Britains Farm Toys. As a child I always wanted these, as an adult I realise that my parents could not really afford them but the allure is still there. So Vaughn has created an environment to store, repair and trade the full-sized objects of my childhood’s desire, and these full-sized versions are as bright and colourful as ever but bigger and yet more expensive than my imaginings.

The Halse site is large but in many ways unimposing; this is the countryside. OK it is five minutes from the A30 but the construction blends with the landscape and feels appropriate. With a suite of buildings that provide storage, covered unloading areas, airy workshops as well as offices and sales areas the beauty of the provision is that it manages to look (and be) modern without jarring.

So the photographic commission was to photograph a living site, buildings that were being put to use and serving a purpose. As ever Devon weather threw some curved balls but sometimes a muted sky is a good thing. On this day there were many forms of sky and weather, frequently minutes apart from each other.

Gallery of Devon Architectural Photography