Given that yesterday was a trip to the dentist it was rather good fun.
A ‘hectic’ schedule.

Task 1: Headshot Photography

Set up a simple headshot studio in one of the treatment rooms. This task would have been easier if someone hadn’t left a large dentists’ chair in the middle of the space. However to be fair the walls had been painted a very useful neutral grey. I went for a simple one light clamshell with the subjects holding the reflector themselves.

Task 2: Groupshot Photography

Set up a group headshot out in the larger reception open space. I wanted to go for a reasonably relaxed grouping but as I was setting up the young visitor was thrown in as a ‘curve-ball’ I was shooting from the play area and he seemed to like my Nikon! I invited him to press the button, he did, and then ran away shouting “Cheese!!!” A single high powered strobe and a big diffuser with the shutter speed taken down to balance the external lighting.

Task 3: Documentary Photography

As set of documentary ‘in the surgery’ shots to be taken as and when the clients were available or the dentists were free.

Task 4: Interiors photography

Recording the recently refurbished reception areas.

The main challenge was that these three tasks ran concurrently, as a photographer I find as well as very different camera settings are needed so too are different head-spaces needed. We were working around the surgery’s schedule which of course is reasonable.

This is a small selection of the images for the taken on the shoot for the client, heavens there were 23 headshots!

Hi Andrew,

Just to say thank you so much for today. It was great watching you work – you definitely put all the practice staff at ease – Gill