The truth is in the middle of this shoot I took a break and photographed a very young actress, I photograph a lot of headshots.

The timing was such that I only had a small window of opportunity because these items were needed for viewing at Chilcotts Auctions in Honiton and the acting headshot had been booked in some time ago.

I’ve photographed a range of items through the years for Chilcotts, one that was really fun was when Karin and I photographed fashion items for them. Whilst sometimes I set up studio on location work like these photos benefit from being taken in my Southernhay studio, frankly I have a ridiculous range of lights, stands, clamps and specialist items that make lighting these items possible.

These images are to support a range of marketing needs, often used on the front of flyers and so forth. Their general catalogue shots are taken in-house. Some of the photographs have been printed and framed and are one the walls of their auction rooms in Honiton. I guess we try to unite a range of items with a similar photographic style. As ever my approach is to work with lighting rather than computer techniques, even the Rolex shot is a single exposure.


Absolutely brilliant.

Thank you, with love and best wishes,

(happy days)