Note to self, set off now for next year’s event. Yes, it took about three and a half hours to get to the Goodwood Little Chef and two and a half hours to do the final 12 miles. We couldn’t work out why the Little Chef was named Goodwood until the journey home, it really is rather close. Next year it will be a Staryucks and somehow the comedy final stop won’t seem so quaint, yes this is the final year for the Goodwood Little Chef.

Arriving frazzled my quip to the chap in the 911 didn’t go down well. All I said was that it was a good job his wasn’t an air-cooled jobbie. Hey ho.

The final insult was walking past the row of R1200GS bikes sat by the gate, why didn’t I come on mine?

Once in things calmed, yes there is a strange calmness to the paddock at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, everyone is nice, you can even get in the way if you want to. And if you do you are invited to get in the way some more, “would you like to photograph the inside?” (Bentley Speed 8.)

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