Portrait & Headshot Photography by Andrew Butler

Relaxed Portrait Photography

The majority of our ‘people’ people photography is of unposed real people in real environments – they tend not to be set up photos. Recent clients have included companies such as EDF Energy in Somerset as well as educational organisations including Exeter School and Mountlands Launguage School in Exmouth.

Much of this photography workload has been undertaken in the field often in what some may consider challenging situations.

Dedicated Headshot/Portrait Photography Website

We now have a website dedicated to our corprate headshot photography and commercial portrait photography work – click here.

Work Environment Photos

Hostile environments are a regular aspect of our photography, whether it is the noise of a motor racing environment or getting down and dirty photographing construction site.

Work shoot photos for clients such as civil engineering companies and this has involved photography from height, on pontoons or from small dinghies. We regularly shoot in industrial environments from factories to shipyards.

With this in mind here is a bag packed full of suitable safety equipment, hard hats boots, flash vests. No, safety equipment doesn’t make the photography easy but it does make it an interesting challenge.

Motoring & Sports Personality

Again I have a growing body of work involving all aspects of motoring and motorcycling which brings with it a new set of challenges. The photos of riders and drivers, the builders and owners, and lets not forget the photos of the mechanics, photos of marshals and photographs of the motor-racing fans.

There is a whole complex but fascinating world around biking and motoring, competition, design, passion camaraderie. We are always looking at the wider picture with the Nikons and Leicas.

The Details

Whatever the job Ideally we will be be offered a comprehensive brief and will discuss what is needed from the shoot. This may include an overview of possible usage, maximum image size, preferred aspect ratio (landscape, portrait, mixed). We normally look to a work to a 'wish list' of shots - the client will invariably have some sort of idea what is needed.

Often the clients will have come to us because they like our shooting style but are free to make requests about fine details such as desired depth of focus, format, style or it may cover the overall 'visual language' of the shoot.

Site visits are supported backed by full insurance and a current CSCS card.

We work on an Apple Mac system although we use EIZO monitors due to their superior colour accuracy.

Photography is generally camera to Lightroom and then output is defined by end need. We shoot to RAW files using ProPhoto workspace outputting most of the time to Adobe RGB. Mono conversions are completed with Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. This is important to understand because as a rule images will need processing before delivery.

Cameras are typically either Leica (M9) or Nikons including the high pixel count D800e. These tools offer a range of creative and technical options to cover a wide range of needs. We also have a comprehensive selection of studio lighting and equipment, chiefly Bowens and Manfrotto. We are able to set up complex studio set-ups at your location.

With our sister company DesignCredo we are able to undertake graphic design for print or signs which is again undertaken using the Adobe work-flow based around InDesign. This ability to offer design as an integral aspect of our service offer adds huge value and possibilities.

We invariably deliver artwork to print shops as PDF files; you will be able to view and proof the same file that we see although it is unlikely your monitor will be as colour accurate as our system.

We are VAT registered and have a comprehensive level of professional insurance cover.

Beauty is how you feel inside, & it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical ~ Sophia Loren