Some time ago I teased you with some shots of motorcycle rides that I photographed as part of a commission for Devitt Insurance. I’m pleased to say that these images are now filtering through on the main Devitt Insurance website.

Briefly, Tom Warsop called me up looking for some honest photos of ‘the British motorcycling scene’. The truth was that most of my motorcycle images were pretty specific, clearly relating to events such as Goodwood or the Brighton Speed Trials. After discussion we decided that within a reasonably short period of time, through my connections I would be able to document a range of motorcycle settings both here in the South West and across in central London; the whole project was completed within a couple of weeks and the cost was far less than a trawl through image libraries would have been.

When I first looked at the site recently I thought one of my Sicily shots had slipped in but no, the Vespa boys are in London’s glamorous West End.

The images were deliberately honest and straightforward, real bikers: in the rain, in the sun, Paignton, Devon, London and scooters to the odd Indian.

Nice to see the shots up, there were many more so I look forward to the future surprises.