The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust


“But Andrew Butler is the motorbike photography specialist?”… Well yes we do a lot of bike photos and motoring based photography, but the common theme to the images shown here is the people involved.

So, if we do a simple stock-take we will find more people photos by Andrew Butler in our catalogue than anything else. Those people may be photographed sat in an office, operating a machine, riding a bike or whatever. We capture people living their lives with our cameras.

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If God is in the detail we will photograph it, photos of a Ducati open clutch, a Dino engine on a stand or Nick Mason’s 250 filler cap. With a strong eye for graphic design and a genuine deep knowledge of the subject we understand what we are photographing.

Whether it is photos of bikes or photos of cars, photos of a racetrack, a hill-climb or photos of a motor showroom we are in our comfort zone here.

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Industry and Engineering

This is about seeing with new eyes, looking for the beauty and good engineering abounds with potential.

We are not looking for the old clichés, we are looking to take a photograph of a construction site that people will want to hang in their own home, and yes, we are proud to say that is exactly what happens.

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