This one has been on the cards for a while but life, holidays and work have got in the way. Richard, is an old friend (older than me even). He does design, he likes design; he got a little hot and bothered over my Peli. He has had a very nice frame built up by Ricky Feather and then put together a rather lovely bike.

Some time ago I contacted Adam Leddin of CycleEXIF who declared his love of Feather Cycles and set up a DropBox folder straight away. Well, we got the photography sorted at the weekend. It took about an hour and a half including some furniture removal. Daisy (dog) seemed keen to get in on the creative direction, at one point sitting on me.

Nikon D800e, a couple of SB910s and most of the lenses in the Peli got an airing. A bit more time and I would have done a proper job on the chair – Richard’s design and build.

Three days later and Adam has done us proud and posted the results on CycleEXIF so, a huge thanks.

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