Exeter graphic design company Design Credo have produced a new brochure design for the Podium @ Renslade House, the commercial office facility near Exe Bridges at the heart of Exeter.

Working on behalf of Turner-Locker the Exeter based commercial property agency, Alder King and Urbina the project has so far included photography, branding and graphic design.

Renslade House offers a prime office location with excellent location and varied transport options. the building has benefitted from recent refurbishments and offers great possibilities for a wide range of organisations. Renslade House already has a number of high profile occupants.


Initially Andrew But photographed the building exterior, recent refurbishments and common facilities.

Supporting photography was commissioned to add focus to the excellent location of Renslade House, particularly to rail networks and quality city centre facilities such as Princesshay.


Before creating the brochure Design Credo developed a simple brand. The Podium@Renslade House name had been previously chosen and focusses on the remaining space. Colour ways were chosen to compliment those present in the Renslade House interior.


Due to the needs of this kind of commission large print runs are not necessary and would be both unnecessarily costly and environmentally inconsiderate. This brochure has been designed as an A4 four page document that can be digitally printed if needed in small print runs (50-100 are viable). However the most likely delivery mode is digital, either as an email attachment or as a download link from a website.

The PDF file format is great because in can be output as a press quality file with all of the printers’ technical needs catered for. However it can be down-sampled to provide a file of suitable size for web/email based transmission. In addition, these web-based PDF files offer good levels of interactivity, a particular strength is the ability to incorporate hot-links to web addresses in the document.

Renslade Brochure

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