So Friday was a bit of a different one for me with a chance to photograph the launch of Mini’s Academy; an after school club for 4 – 7 year olds which will run in schools in Exeter and Devon as a whole. I was briefed capture the spirit, excitement and anticipation of the children for PR use on website and social media.

I spend a lot of my time photographing fast moving things but, how can I put it, young children are un-predictable (highly). That said it can be huge fun.

What was an added bonus was watching Nic Sestaret’s fantastic engagement with the children, an education indeed. It’s fantastic to see professionally-run and well-attended initiatives such as this, inspiring the young, and for that matter the old (me) too.

Couldn’t be happier! Beautiful photography that followed the brief perfectly! You’re a fantastic find and we’ll absolutely be working with you again!
Tracey Alison, Mini’s Academy