Project Description

Actors, models and increasingly business-people value quality headshot photography.

The aim is to capture a unique look that expresses the true self of the portrait subject. It’s about helping people relax in front of a camera. In many ways it is more about the interaction between the portrait sitter and the photographer rather than any great photographic prowess.

Headshot photography sessions can be undertaken at our central Exeter photography studio, your own location where we can bring studio lights to you. In addition we can do a mixed inside/outside session.

Headshot Photography Website

We now have a complete website dedicated to headshot and business portrait photography, click here to visit it.

YouTube Slideshow of Headshots and Portraits

What our Clients Tell Us

Many thanks Andrew, the photos are ace.
Ellis, Mac
The printed items look good because we had some great photos to include – a vast amount of that is down to your expertise.
Debbie, D&B
Great day yesterday, it was a pleasure working with you.
The pictures are exactly what I’m looking for!
Wil, Terberg
Hi Andrew, Many thanks for your help with the photos. The ones we viewed at site were fantastic.
David, D&B
Thanks for all your hard work on this, I think the photos look great and are definitely a vast improvement on previous years!
Cathy, Carousel Calendars
Wow Andrew – those are amazing! Didn’t know I could look so good!
Portrait Sitter, Non commercial
Andrew, I really did enjoy yesterday and the photos you have selected are excellent. To be honest until I looked at them, I never noticed how much I look like my late grandfather. It really does make a difference having it done professionally
Jonathan, Headshot sitter
The shots look great, exactly what we’re looking for and thank you so much for being so accommodating at such short notice!
James, Garnett Keeler
My thanks again to the two of you for your time this morning – it was enjoyable working with you…and hopefully we’ll work together again as I develop the business.
Andrew, Unchain Potential
Thank you for the images, we are really happy with them. You can expect a call from us whenever we, or any of our colleagues, have an assignment in your area. Very professional. Kind regards from Sweden
Henrik, Spoon