It has been put to me recently that I have a bit of a luggage fetish and I guess I stand guilty as charged. Last year someone gave me one of those roller luggage things and on the first throw into the Swiss train’s luggage rack the wheel fell off. This is no way to start a holiday.

For a long time I’ve used Billingham camera bags and I love them; low key, reasonably waterproof and top quality construction. But for some jobs something more robust and secure is needed, and for me this came in the for of a bright yellow Pelican, the Peli Storm iM2500.

These cases are ROBUST! ‘O’ ring sealed, drive over-able, shootable. Yes that’s right, have a look here!

This case is lockable, has roller wheels and carries a surprising amount of equipment. I already have utter faith in its ability to protect.

Why did I get the yellow one? Have you ever tried running away with a stolen bright yellow camera case?

I brought mine from who were professional and quick to deliver.