I put the Peli case on the scales and it weighed nearly three stones in weight; principally Nikons. The bulk of that was transferred to the Manfrotto backpack with the lightest Manfrotto tripod that we could get away with coming in another backpack; and off we went to annoy the morning commuters with our invasive backpacks.

It’s always good to arrive early at these events but early never seems early enough.

We were shooting for Mac Motorcycles were aiming to capture video and stills of their presence at the event. Some background shots and a bit of time to meet the locals.

David Fiddaman of Davida was great to chat with as was Cedric Klein of Avinton, in the case of Cedric I left Karin chatting in a language that I do not share.

Technically the Mac isn’t a custom, it’s a new and ground up machine. The more time I spend with it the more time I realise what a huge amount of endeavour goes in to bringing a bike to market; hats off to the man in the waistcoat.