Local photographer Andrew Butler averted an almost certain disaster having noticed a roadside wildfire whilst filling his old Saab estate up at the Clyst St George petrol station.

“Aware of the fire risk when using mobile phones on petrol station forecourts, I clammily went in to ask the youth in charge if he would phone the emergency services” said Andrew Butler (55) of Topsham.

“I continued to fill the capacious fuel tank up” said Andrew “concerned about the imminent risk of closure of the fuel station, we had planned an impromtu visit to the Taylor Wessing Portrait prize at the M-Shed in Bristol you know.”

Mr Butler’s partner Karin Joehr who has clearly seen far too many Steve McQueen movies screamed “get out of this place quick, before she blows!” Ms Joehr later expressed utmost faith in Mr Butler’s judgement as he clammily retrieved his inappropriate Leica M9 from the back of the car.

Subsequently a local busy body was heard to enquire why Mr Butler was gambolling around in the central reservation instead of doing something responsible like phoning the emergency services.

Topsham Heroes had arrived before the local busy body had stopped whining.

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The Taylor Wessing portrait prize can be seen at M-Shed in Bristol until 3 November 2013