There’s nothing quite like walking in from one job to be handed a phone with your next enquiry. This one was a bit of a rush job, a slot had opened up where a small fleet of vehicles were available and an accompanying gathering of smart uniformed staff. OK, I was due to be near Durham in the evening for another client but, if we got it organised we could get this nailed in a morning. Exeter, Plymouth, Durham. Simples?

The fleet of vehicles was the ‘must-have’ shot, everything else an add-on. The gods were kind, it was a bright morning (briefly) although top marks to the people who lit the huge fire on the edge of the moor creating a yellow grey haze along the horizon, but that’s what Photoshop is for isn’t it?

The client received sixty or so images, some hero shots, some simple fillers; exploration of the brand.

With both photography and design skills we approach a job with a clear understanding about what would be useful results for the client. On this job though the company marketing director was on site, checking the shots as they were taken, giving clear considered guidance and discussion. This is a win-win, this way the client gets what they want and, we like to think, that bit extra too.