Railway Engineering Photography in London

It is of course flattering to be called from the West Country to visit London and photograph railway engineering works even if it means a 04:00 departure; and guess what, the North Circular was easier than the Topsham Road. I [...]

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Photographing The Largest Crane on the Fleet

The weekend had two early morning photography starts, 03:00am wake up to travel near Gloucester on the A38 at Berkeley Bridge to capture the bridge itself being replaced. This is a hi-vis job in every sense of the term; the [...]

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Photographing The Terberg DT-series Distribution Tractor

Rain stopped play. Yes, not for the first time this week the rain got in the way. The subject is a Terberg DT-series distribution tractor or tug, around £90k to you sir but by all accounts a great tool for [...]

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Photographing Active and Complete Civil Engineering Road Works

Hard hat, eye protection, gloves, boots, hi-viz, rain, heat, heavy cameras, sweat. There's no getting away from it, Monday's shoot in various locations around Hampshire was undertaken in less than ideal conditions. A range of weather conditions from bland and [...]

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PR Photography For the Truck Industry

There's always a quandary with images depicting working scenes, ought everything be pristine or should we be a bit realistic about things? These are working vehicles being documented in a working environment, this is very much the real world as [...]

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MANOR Magazine: Renewable Engineering Photography Feature

MANOR magazine describes itself as: A premium lifestyle publication for city-savvy individuals who enjoy a slice of country, specifically West Country... Featuring fashion, beauty, architecture and design, MANOR covers the areas that inspire us all. And who am I to [...]

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Plastics Manufacturing Commercial Photography Cornwall

Sometimes a quick response is required and a range of commercial photography skills are a must-have. In this instance high quality photographs were needed at short notice for a magazine so a quick early morning trip across the border from [...]

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Engineering photography: From Somerset to Stockholm

So, when an agency from Stockholm asked me to do some industrial photography at an engineering works in Somerset I have to admit to having checked the email for signs of spam. And yes people did suggest that Stockholm itself [...]

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Photography for Engineers

Yes that's right photography; last week someone asked me, "Why are you photographing this?" 'This' being a rainswept construction site with drifting fog in Cornwall, and the 'someone' was one of the construction workers. My honest answer should have been, [...]

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